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What can you do to inspire more passion for your brand?  Which new products could energize your brand?  How much more can you charge for current products and services?

Now, you and your colleagues can explore these questions or others at your very own Olivetree Sprout-About. You bring lunch, and we’ll bring you refreshing sips and gulps of market research insight. Hit us with your hardest questions or simply ask us to introduce a specific market research tool or technique. We’re game. An Olivetree Sprout-About will be the most fun you’ve had while learning about market research in a long time—maybe ever!—or lunch is on us!

Tell us about your market research dilemmas or the topic or topics you are interested in, and let’s get started!

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“Where is the Love?”
What are your customers passionate about? What emotions are driving them to make the decisions they do? The key to strengthening your brand’s positioning is strengthening the emotional connection you have with your consumers. Learn how to unlock these emotional mysteries using fun, non-directive and projective qualitative techniques.
"Pleased to Meet You, George!”
Get acquainted with “personas”— used extensively in product design research and now growing in use for marketers. Get the inside scoop on how personas will help you better relate to and communicate with your key market segments than the statistics from standard demographic and psychographic dimensions provided in a segmentation study. Get to know George, Sara and other “real imaginary people “and how they can help you.
“Name Your Price”
Are you pricing based on what you charged last year, on ‘gut’ – or worse - based on what your competitors charge? Step-it-up with better techniques for determining not only how to appropriately price your products and services - but how you can command a higher price.
"Hidden Truths/Hidden Treasures”
New products and services are the Fountain of Youth for your brand; especially those that address latent needs that consumers sometimes have difficulty expressing. How can you get people to tell you things that they don’t really want you to know (and sometimes don’t realize themselves)? In this Sprout-About, we’ll cover the effective use of ethnographic techniques such as passive observation and dynamic re-enactment in new product development.
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